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Thought I had my car named:(

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While talking to a co-worker about my trip from MD to NJ tommorow, I mentioned I hoped for some good hunting on the highway. That made me think of the Chickenhawk, that little bird from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.
I can't think of a toon with a more representative attitude of our cars. While small, it's powerful, and able to tackle much larger prey. I decided to check it out, maybe get a personalized plate. "CHKNHWK". Turns out, while there is no specific bird named that, the term means either a older pedophile or a person who advocates war while not having experienced it firsthand. So much for that plan!!!!!!
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well that sucks but i have my plate saying P V O just waiting for the damn dmv to get them
i dunno i was riding with Second chance and we saw a newer Prelude slammed on its balz the tag read "DS2NUTS" :roll: :twisted: :lol: I was wondering why the old guy was looking soo hard then nodded in disbelief after he realized the meaning. :lol:
Hmm, I am still trying to figure out if mine is a guy or a girl. My old Neons name was Vasquez, after the chick from Aliens, because she was built in Mexico, and ready to fight like a mad dog. Plus she was a little battered and bruised. But the SRT, I dunno, I am trying to think of something good for it. Something predatory, lethal. Especialy because it's black, it kinda lurks in the darkness, waiting to strike. :twisted:
Mine will say "******"! LOL :lol:
I guess "Black Raptor" would be fitting for mine ! :twisted:
I've been toying with the name "Nuprin" know, "Little, Yellow, Different." :lol:
"silver surfer" comes to mind :D
i'm going after "03SRT4" or "SRT4"...or maybe "DOMSTIC" who knows...gotta get the ride first
I saw the funniest damn license plate when I was coming back from San Francisco on Sunday night it was on a silver 2000+ Dodge Neon it said "MA picture of a star then Bate" I almost crashed my car laughing.

I was under the assumption that the DMV wouldn't allow things like that on plates.
I gets lots of comments on my plate. People who know what PVO is love it. Others go "huh?". Oh well, I didn't get it for the people 'out of the know'. It looks sweet on the back of my car.

I tried to get 'FOOK YU', but the DMV shot me down.
Then I going to get 'SVT SXS', but didn't want 03 cobra's breathing down my neck all the time :)
there's always "FAH Q"
ohyeahwright said:
I've been toying with the name "Nuprin" know, "Little, Yellow, Different." :lol:
little, yellow, different, better.
Just think I will keep mine plain and simple...


I fell in love with the second one when I was on vacation in SC last year. It is spanish and means, "I have arrived" or something along those lines. My spanish is a little sketchy.
ohyeahwright, that was good! I like that one.
I had a tough call here. My choices were PVO, C-YA or KISS. I am one of the worlds biggest KISS fans (I know, my age is showing) so I decided to go with KISS. Problem is a guy in Mass already has it. Right now I am trying to track him down to buy the name from him. if he won't sell, then it's PVO all the way! Can't wait to be screaming down the Mass Turnpike with "I Love It Loud!" blasting in the stereo!
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