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Those with ATP UPP and BOV

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Just wondering if I am the only one with an ATP UPP but a TurboXS H-RFL? It seems everyone is going HKS. If no one else has the TurboXS BOV, I'll be sure to post some sound clips when/if my car EVER GETS HERE!! I am disliking Dodge more and more each day that my invoice doesn't arrive! :(
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good choice going with the turboXS rfl. you wont be disappointed. :wink:
Yeah. My friend has the same one on his 91' VR-4 and it sounds sweet as hell. My other friend has 2 on his 300ZX TT, and it too sounds awesome! I can't wait. I get more and more impatient EVERY day.
the only thing i can find that can actually take the sound of the car is a real video camera.. ill try and get clips of the hks for comparison
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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