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Ok guys I went to the track today and my bro had to end up running the car(long story) because they wouldnt let me run caz i had shorts on. But anyway the first run was like 16.04 at 99 mph and 2.69 60'(My bro missed 2nd gear). The second run was 14.9 at 102 mph and all he did was spin outta the hole with a 2.9 60' time. I gotta get into the car because I know it much better than he does(Not his fault never really driven it before) and I could launch a little bit smoother and tap high 13s im pretty sure. But anyway coming home my friend points over at this GTP that keeps lookin at me i was like well these things run mid - low 14s stock ill bet i can take this sumbitch. First at a 60 mph roll(I downshifted to 4th) I heard him gun it so i downshifted to 4th and hes about on my bumper then im high in the rpms in fourth im like o maybe he caught me , uh uh. I pulled like 5 cars on him all the sudden I'm guessin he ran out of that gear because I just staright mauled him. Then at the next light I let him go thinikn it aint worth it. But they start wavin me on and I'm thirst for somemore. So I get up right next to him and gun it in second doing 20 mph an I pull away like its nothing and by the time I hit 130mph hes 10-15 cars back and I shut down. Then for some reason he wants more so I'm at the next light he hits it so do I hes like a car lenght behind and he starts gaining till once again high rpms im at 80 in 3rd and i just walk him and pull away. Thats 3 for 3 on one night where i felt like shit caz i couldnt get the 03 srt4 runnin like it should but ill have my chance soon enuff. Every time it look like that GTP was reelin me in i got to high rpms and just walked him. They have more horses and torque but the srt4 is just too much top end for them things to even consider keepin up with me. The weight difference obviously went in my favor and those GTPs are impressive until about 90 mph and then its over.

Thanks Tim
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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