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It was the post from Dale that motivated me to perform the cleaning of my TB and all of its surround sensors. Fast forward through half way of my cleaning, when I pull my Cold side pipe and there it was, half a liter of oil poured out of my IC :lol: . After this sighting, I decided to flush out my IC and put everything together to see if my cold start problems would fade. Also my catch can was repositioned, this resolved my oil issues in my intake track system :), now i have to drain my Catch can every week :stab:

Fast forward to about today where my car starts everymorning with no stumbe and only 3 cranks as oppose to the 7-9 cranks it used to take followed by a stumble. Now the funny thing is that it progressivly SP? got better on its own meaning that the culprit for the cold rough starts that ppl have been getting was and IS related to bad positioning of the catch can causing heavy oil deposits in your IC/ TB/Sensors. I really am a believer that this is the cause of the problem because now my car finally starts everymorning like it did when it was BRAND spanking new :)

So you guys with catch cans that have rough cold starts in the mornings, plz inspect your installation of your catch can, and plz position the catch can BELOW the INTAKE level so that the oil has to fight gravity on its way to the TB thus creating less chance of oil ingestion into your engine and its surrounding components. This has worked for me (after a good spray down with TB cleaner) and I believe that it will work with every car.

1. Cold rough morning starts are not caused my PCM problems

2. Plug gapping and new plugs will NOT resolve your problems

3. Does not matter what stage you have, still dont think its a pcm problem because every Stage has seen this problem including me.

4. stop reading this and go clean your whole damn intake track along with your sensors and TB, make sure to drain all of the oil out of your IC and give your surrounding components another spray down.

5. If you are still reading this then go buy another TB cleaner can and spray your engine with it while the car is ON and rev it up and down so that you clean inside of your CC.

6. Go away already :)

It has worked for me, so it has to work for you unless you have serious injector problems :deadcow:
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