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so, is it ok to drive the car without a t-stat.
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bump for advice
barreled4ever said:

why not, what damage will it cuase.
i did it with my toyota corolla, didn't have any broblem but am not sure with a turbo car, also the weather was the same all year round (80-90 degrees) now am in houston
without it it wont regulate the coolant going through the radator(spelling)/car.
It will probably through a code, but it shoudn't really damage anything.
why the hell would you take it out anyways?
jdonovannavy said:
why the hell would you take it out anyways?
weight reduction... duh...
It will make your car run really rich. Without a thermostat the car can never reach operating temp and will remain at or close to start up temp.
jdonovannavy said:
why the hell would you take it out anyways?

why do people put 160/180 t-stat in......

12envy) that makes sense, thanks
a 180 stat will keep you from overheating at a stop, say your stuck in traffic. without a thermostat there is nothing to keep you from overheating at a dead stop. the fluid will just keep circulating until you overheat.
you sure about that?

A thermostat opens and closes to regulate heat. It stays closed when the car is below temp and open when it is above. When it's closed, the coolant does not go into the rad, thus getting hotter than usual.

If you don't have a thermostat, its the same as being open all the time. It would take much longer to reach operating temps in the morning, but I don't see any damage.

How does the thermostat stop your car from overheating?
Fluid circulating won't make you overheat at a stop. It will make it harder for the car to reach and maintain optimum operating temperature.
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