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the rubber around the headlight housing...

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is crack and breaking. is there anyway to replace that rubber seal that wraps around the headlight?
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I went to the dealer and bent over for one. I want to say about $40 for just the surround. You may want to try some of the dealers on here that have better prices. Now my drivers side is doing the same thing, so I am considering just buying some new headlights and keeping the new surround because my headlights have some small cracks too. Damn cheap headlights!
Where can I buy the headlight seal for my dodge srt4
I have both the left and right welts (5102884AB and 5102885AB) NOS, if you are interested.
Yes I need those bro you lived in Miami?
No, I live in Indianapolis, IN. I forgot to mention that these are new in the plastic bags they came in from Mopar.

I would be happy to sell them to you if you pay for the shipping cost. If you are interested, please PM me with your PayPal information and I will do likewise. I will not make a profit by selling these to you as I will sell for what I paid for them.
Where can I buy the headlight seal for my dodge srt4
Modernperformance has them for $25 but they are not OEM:
Again, I have OEM if someone is interested. The parts department at my local dealership told me that headlights don't come with welts so I went ahead and found NOS for both sides. I bought new headlights and was surprised to find that they do indeed come with welts. Now I have a pair that I don't need.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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