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Hey everyone,

The Grassroots Motorsports $2015 Challenge has concluded and I just thought I'd share some pictures of the event with you! Enjoy. :D


The Nelson family finally won the Challenge after 11 years of competition. This is a really great family who have gone through some really hard times. We were so happy to see them place first overall.

This is a Subaru "Justang" - a Subaru Justy body atop of a Mustang Cobra chassis. Al said it was a blast to drive. Al beat the teams best autocross time with a 43.4 but SCCA pro Danny Shields did the best time by almost an entire second. The team was so psyched to have Al drive they asked him to sign the dash.

Why the big meats? Despite some teething pains, this 440-cubic-inch-powered Neon broke into the 11s. Full feature to appear in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine soon.

Texas A&M brought a very well-sorted turbo Mazda Miata and absolutely dominated the autocross portion of the event.

The "Mumpkin" finished third this year. It turned out to be a good year for turbo Mazda Miatas.

The Aristocrat Class welcomed any car manufactured with comfort as its first priority, not speed.

The Georgia Tech team again brought another wacky creation—this time a Subaru SVX-powered Honda Insight. Some trackside repairs got them back in the game.

If you've ever played the popular "Gran Turismo" video games, you'll probably recognize this car

And a few more --

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