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(we are apparently limited to 10 photos per post, oh well)

June 2021 - Headed for Mopars in the park
First time going to this event, first event in 3 years, first Mopar event in 4 years. I begin to realize that Neons are disappearing... quick :( There ended up being 5 total SRT-4s that went to the show, these three, an IMMACULATE electric blue low-mile SRT-4, even on the original set of tires, and another one that showed up the next day after I left (my son wasn't having it, after two days, temps in the high 90's, a third day was really going to be too much in that heat)

It was the first heat wave of 2021, and it showed. Lots of cars on the side of the highways and interstates on the way home, along with truck tires in pieces all over. I unfortunately smacked a chunk of tire that the pickup in front of me straddled:
Grille Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle

Thankfully sounded and (initially) looked worse than it was, a little buffing compound and some touch up paint and you can't really see it at all.

Upon arriving home, had a slow leak in my rear passenger KDW2 tire. This was my third, and last set of the OEM tire, as they had been discontinued by BF Goodrich. Worse yet, BF Goodrich was not (and may still not be) making the G Force Sport Comp 2 that I was looking to get. I was hoping to get another year out of them, but upon looking at the one that was leaking, yikes, I was lucky to have made it to Minnesota and back haha.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

So instead I got some FRENCH tires, the Continental Extreme Contact Sport. They are actually a touch softer, seems like a little more give in the sidewall. Maybe I'm getting older, because I actually appreciate the smoother ride, opposed to the jarring "get to know EVERY crack and bump" from the OEM tires. Besides, with the new struts and poly bushings, you barely notice a difference in handling, if anything there is a more controlled response with less oversteer, better grip makes up for less stiff sidewalls allowing the car to carve corners in a more controlled manner than before. But I digress... weren't we talking about 15 years in the car? Pfft these tires have only been on the car for about 3 months.

As the summer progressed, of course:
Car Tire Vehicle Wheel Hood
Brick Gesture Brickwork Font Motor vehicle
Nature Leaf Plant Grass Headstone
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Aircraft

More car shows. I'd have to call this my Summer of Car Shows. And strangely, with a lot more admiration and fond appreciation than ever before. This positive response has led to trophy after trophy, five or six this summer, but that's not the best part. "Wow I haven't seen one of these in years" or "Oh my gosh, my mom had a Neon, but this is one of the fast ones"... the comments and conversations have been great, and really make all the cleaning, upkeep, maintenance, and care worthwhile. I rarely ever see another Neon, and obviously even fewer SRT4, that does at times get me down...

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

So here we are, October 2021. Less than 10k miles over 5 years, but that's a bit of an anomaly. Yes the T850 bit the dust, and another one is now installed, so I've felt the pain of issues with my car, but as anyone with an older sports car will tell you... Welcome to the Club! No, the Stage 3 is still not installed, yes the parts are still packed in the two boxes in the garage up on the shelf. No you can't buy them from me LOL. Yes, I'll install them. Someday, someday...

My ecodiesel Ram is now paid off, my only bill is my house. I got a promotion and a nice bump in pay, although a monster bump in stress and responsibility too. Back in a line unit, a combat line unit, Cavalry, lots of young Soldiers to take care of, 10% of whom will cause 90% of my problems, world in turmoil, Covid, Biden, Trump, Global Warming... bla bla bla...

I get inside, and settle in, the problems of the world disappear, as I shut the door I wrap my fingers around the steering wheel, that familiar feel, closing my eyes, inhaling deeply, she still smells the way she did so long ago. I push in the clutch, and turn the key, she starts immediately, lightly bumping the rpms above 1000 then settling back down, the burbling of the catless Mopar exhaust, with that rich smell, tapping the accelerator to hear that same "snap crackle pop" that I fell in love with so long ago in 2004, when the very first SRT-4 I ever saw, solar yellow, came roaring past our apartment complex.

Older, not as innocent now, a lot more wise... I'm still never going to sell her. We'll see you here in five more years!!!


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Possibly off-topic but I've made just one car show in the past two years. Few people asked questions about my SRT (too new, obviously... not a '69 Road Runner, or a '68 Charger or a "70 Challenger). I used to see Neons on the road daily (I drive for a living) but have been seeing fewer and fewer as time goes by. Rarely if ever an SRT-4. Sigh...
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