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Blades and i had been cordinating his trip down here for a while now but i promised that i'd let him meet up with a non stock SRT4. He had already driven a stock one so it was time to let him sample one that wasnt. He drove up from Sarasota in the other car, G35 sedan which is far more fuel efficient than his BPU++ 03 Cobra for a trip down to FL from Mass. Very punctual i must say was Blades arrival to pick me up something that cannot be said of Terminator :roll: :lol: .

So Blades and i drove around for a bit as Terminator wasnt quite ready to meet up yet. He was trying to take car of a nice size keing his hood got last friday. Blades and i decided to take a trip to the Dodge dealership but it was closed so we kept heading north to meet Terminator. On the way we saw this funky ass exotic i had never seen in my life. all it said on the rear was GT on one side and the personal tag read "Fewawy" :lol: :roll: . When we were done gawking i got a call from Terminator and we were all set to go and meet up.

After the introductions and the new found gas we were off in the $1 modded SRT4 towards Tampa. Blades quickly asked me if the car had exhaust and i quickly replied that it was stock except for my $1 investment in it. Of course the obligatory SRT passenger comment was overheard a few times (i rode in the back), "Man i love these seats". Hit up a bridge and Blades got a feel for how quick the car was but we came upon traffic so we putt putted along for a bit. Now we found ourselves heade to Tampa and along the way we ran into a nice benz. We were having a convo when Blades says "Wow go catch up with THAT! thats an SL55 AMG!!!" :shock: :? . So we roll up slowly to notice an older guy with his younger daughter who was looking very very hard :roll: :wink: . The old guy didnt want none and we were stuck behind a Land Rover in the fast lane doing 60.

I quickly asked Term to free himself and soon enough we were besides the AMG just teasing him but he didnt wanna bite. Not that we were gonna win or anything but we just wanted to see what he had from a roll :roll: :twisted: . Anyhow Terminator got tired of showing off so we jolted away to quikly catch a gooooood portion of the bridge empty...135..140...145..146..147..148..149. "WOW!" was all Blades said to that then Terminator brought us back down to the speed limit and then i asked "Where is the SL55?" we all joked after Terminator said "70 miles back that way" :lol: .

We drove throught Tampa and caught no races with anyone but we had some good conversations. We found ourselves on another long bridge but this one was totally empty :twisted: . Again 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150 and i could have sworn we hit 151 before Terminator let off. Blades just could believe how the car reacted from a stop roll whatever. Mind you he drives an 03 Cobra daily but a "Neon" was impressing him. When we reached the far end of the bridge "Brake Check" and both Blades and i were not prepared but impressed none the less was Blades.

On we continued at this point we had encountered most daily driving situations and we still had a bit more fun to be had. A nice long street is what we needed and i provided one that was traffic less and had a 1 mile 4 lane straightaway :twisted: . We sat and let the car take a break then we went for some high speed passes. From a dead stop to about a mile we reached 140-145mph and Blades was loving it. Then on the way back an RSX Type S rolled passed us before we took off, but none the less Terminator continued as he was the only car. By the time we passed the RSX i mean blew by it we were already at 110mph so basically all he saw was a yellow blurr :twisted: :lol: . I asked Dan to let off so he could mess with it but mr pretty boy was skurrred :lol: so on we went. We stopped by where James (owner) was closing shop so i had to introduce him them (Blades).

Off we went back towards Blade's G35 so we pretty much called it a night. On the way back as we neared the end of the ride we spot a Civic hatch and were laught at how riced out it was hell it even had dual exhaust. EG style with two fart cans we were just laughing our asses off and just cracking jokes about it. Terminator at Blades' request catches the hatch and rolls up to his left to see what he had but he didnt wanna do anything. Terminator gave him second gear, teased him and took off then settled in the center lane to let him catch up. Nest thing you know we were all laughing cause the guy was asian and looked at us like "slow neon" and pretty much wrote us off.

What came next shocked us and inspired us, we hear a turbo car gathering steam behind us and we automatically asume it was another racer who was watching what was going on. When we all look left we hear the BOV and the very same hatch rolled passed us. Shocked we just putt putted along but Blades and i quickly egged Terminator go catch it. At this point we were by the G35 but Terminator gave in and as we were making the right behind the Civic he noticed and took a 3 car jump. Terminator was rolling in neutral but i told him to hit 2nd when he did he noticed why i suggested it. We hit all of second reeled him him in and by the time 3rd came were 5 cars ahead.

I dunno what it is with me being in races that always catch a light but somehow we caught one and the civi rolled up. Blades and i rolled down our windows and said "nice car" all we heard in return was "BULABALABLAH" Blades and i looked at each other with a WTF did he say look. The guy made a gesture to the light and it turned green, when it did Terminator babied the SRT4 out of the hole and the Civic just sat there spinning to hell. We made a u turn and Blades completed the kill as we returned. BTW the Civic passed us and made no effort to complement the good race but then again i bet it was his first time getting beat by a "neon" :wink: :twisted: . We returned to the G35 and home i went but Blades still had a 1 hr ride to his girl's house with a night a fun still frsh in his mind.
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