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Team Tech 5 point harnesses

Brand new from Vivid Racing are these Team Tech harness' for your motorsports needs. Sick of paying for expensive harness like Takata? Does everyone you know have them because it is cool? It is NOT!

Team Tech harness' are the same quality if not better then Takata. Using 3 inch reinforced material for the straps complete with clip in belts to provided eye bolts for easy use and safety. The 4 point harness all clip into the 5 point rotary release buckle. This buckle securely holds the belts in place and for quick exit a twist of the top lets all the belts come out and you are free.

The harness' are easily adjustable for length and fit most 2 and 4 seater vehicles. The harness' include 2 shoulder straps and 2 lap straps, and 1 lower strap. Harness' are sold per side. Same as used by Do-Luck Japan! Same as seen in Vivid's red WRX on the cover of Modified!

Harness' sold per side and Vivid Racing stocks all the cool colors the harness come in including: Red, blue, black, pink, purple, green, or gray. Other colors may be special order.

Price is $189 per side
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