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Tampa meet v2.0???

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I was wondering if this Saturday 11am- noonish is good time for everyone?
the location will be set as soon as we can verify attendance...i figured some of you work afternoon /nights so i want to see if we all can chill for a few and gather all the locals finally! Thanks
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lol, figures, for the first time in months I have a staurday night off but have to work during the day :evil: :roll:
Thats a negative right now. I may be pulling a 1-9 on sat...will know by tomorrow though
If I'm in town, I'll show. :wink:
yeah.... i'm down... lets do it...

I went to check one out today at bob wilson dodge... no matter what I did, I couldn't even start the damn engine. They said I had to make a deal to take it for a drive... and I told them you have to let me take it for a test drive to make a deal... and the salesmangager was a complete jerk... so I left. Hoping to ACTUALLY FUCKING hear one on Sat! :lol:
I'd prolly be down for that if i can wake up by 11 :oops:
I should be there.
:( Just throw me in the heap of anti-social outkasts for a while.

We have an 8-week old colicky baby at home, and my wife needs every sanity break she can get. :)
im going to be trveling down from VA to pick up and srt at brandon dodge. I should be in early saturday morning. Im interested.
Cool Phade !! I live about 4 miles from Brandon Dodge.

Who are you dealing with over there, and are you getting it at MSRP ??
MSRP pricing... dealt with Mike, I am getting the last one they have, its in their showroom. I will probably be dead tired as I am driving down, and will be stay with family in Dunedin(sp?) by the blue jays spring training park. So I will hope to be able to meet up if I can get some sleep, and get to the dealer early enough.
badass i live in the county Dunedin is..nuthin special but yeah when you get in town definitely have to hit up the locals
<-- @ work. still shooting for mid-end of may.
dangit anyone gonna wanna

something im workin on for the T-shirt
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