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yeah man. Father left me some money when he passed and I want to get a car ill enjoy alot and think of him. taking a risk though because whatever I buy will be my only source of transportation. I had a sc cobalt some years back I enjoyed and I had a buddy with a modded nsrt and it was a beast. With about 8/9k to spend i dont have alot of options. any advice on that? the vehicle has a CEL and the seller claims it is because of the "two hose ran direct to the throttle for the wastegate and blowoff valve"
and "ECU does not read the bypass"

do you know anything about that?
I'm very sorry to hear about your dad.
I have never owned a CSRT4 before, but I can add you to our Tampa Bay FB group and hopefully one of the owners can help you with your questions.
If you want to, send me your Facebook first and last name, and city, and I can add you tonight.
38361 - 38368 of 38368 Posts