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Taking Cameras into Stadiums?

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What?s the policy for taking in camera?s at Reliant Park? Does anyone know? I?m going to tonight?s soccer game and want to take my luscious camera haha. And how do you guys take cameras into minute maid. Going to a baseball game next week and I want to take my camera with my 150mm lens?:domo:
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Ya my 150mm lense is pretty long...I plan on taking it in one of the girls purse...and I'll just carry the camera in....thats taking a chance though...:stab:
Take your camera bag. You'll have to have it checked (like a woman's purse).

They'll see that its just a camera, and let you through.
My camera bag is huge, I would have to go buy one just for one lense and camera.......

Called reliant, some rude ass lady told me no cameras and hung up LOL

Its a soccer match, So I went to dynamo's site (our soccer team) and they state no lenses longer then 12'.........So since this is a soccer match, Im assuming the same rules apply!! Man I dunno LOL
just try to sneak it in. I suggest not taking te lense just the camera.
Well Reliant says cameras rules depend on Event. Dynamo says point and shoot camera are welcomed, not long then 12' on the lense, My lense isnt that long...Im just going to try to get in with it......Have them inspect the camera bag...if they trip I dont mind walking back to the car and leaving it there.......

Wish reliant had people with customer service :stab:
Off-topic, but you can't take a freaking camera in to watch a baseball game down there?!?!
Video_Guy said:
and hope nobody breaks into your car

Ya that would suck.......
Got in with camera...they barely checked it hahaha....

Pics on the pic thread!!!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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