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SXT wing verified

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Had a guy park next to me with his SXT(see poor guy thread under Discussion). Popped trunks, matched them up. Bolt holes and bolts match exactly. Close inspection shows foam rubber pad under my wing. No worries about breaking paint seam. I'm used to mine by now, but figured folks would want to know.
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SXT Wing

Wimped out--could not take the basket handle in the mirror.
Installed the SXT spoiler last night. Came in painted Black and all for $235.
Holes lined up-rubber pads just like the big one. Can change back and forth in less than 10 minutes, Now its a sleeper from the rear except for the exhaust......and the rear view mirror is useful again.
any pics of the new rear end?
Please post pics. You got this from the dealer already painted?
I had thought about doing that myself
make it the ultimate sleeper in disquise.
As soon as i get one, i am glad that someone else(glhs837) is thinking like me.
I was seriously thinking about switching, but I'm getting used to it. And getting used to the looks like I've gotten a girlfriend who's still in high school :) i'm 38 remember :)
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