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OK, so I am looking to beef up the suspension here soon. I recently purchased the DC front strut tower bar, Pwerks rear strut tower bar (Thanks Pwerks!), and the Hotchkis F/R sway bar set.

I was looking to get the prothane bushing kit, but noticed that some of the bushings are bushings that come with the hotchkis set. Is there another place I can get the other bushings for my suspension? Any ideas?

Now, the next thing I would like to do is lower the car. Since day one, I have always had my eyes on the Mopar S3 coilovers. However, I have read and seen a few threads lately referring to the IPP coilovers. I have read a few other threads and even viewed I have heard great things about the IPP coilovers. Now, which is the best bang for the buck? Do you basically get everything you need for the install in Mopar/IPP kit, or are there additional things I should be looking at?

Also, I am looking to get some different tires/rims. I want to get 18X7.5, with 225/45/18. I think having a wider tire patch will help put more power to the ground. I really like these, but need to wait for the cash:

I do not autocross, and havent even taken it to the track yet. My preference is a stiff ride, something that handles like its on rails. I think the stock suspension setup leaves alot to be desired. So, you suspension experts out there, do you have any advice for me?


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