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Surprise surprise... my car is fucked.

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Well... it's fucking up again...:crying: :ben: :gay:

Here is the sequence of things that happened to my car:
1) It felt like it lost all power at part throttle
2) During highway cruising it would randomly go into limp mode (12.0 AFRs at cruise), but did not throw a code
3) did the same as number 2, except more frequently, and started throwing a p0068.
4) my car would not start after being parked for 5 minutes. I sat around, waited a bit, and then tried starting it by giving it a tonne of gas. It did, but now I'm still at stage 3.

Now, between #2 and #3 I took off my valve cover and intake manifold, and reused the gaskets. I know my valve cover gasket is leaking, and I presume the intake mani is as well. I have no, or atleast very, very small boost leaks, as I tested it a few days ago, and am only leaking slightly out of one injector. For safeties sake, I will test again tomorrow.

From what little research that I've done, a p0068 has to do with upgrading the throttle body, having an aftermarket wastegate, and hardpipes. Apparently it is fixed with new spark plugs. However, I do not see how it is possible for all these problems to be fixed with new plugs...

Do you guys have any idea what is going on, and what I can do to fix it?

This car is really starting to get to me....:flame: :flame:
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Let me know what I can do to help! How badly was the valvecover leaking? I doubt that it would throw any codes. The intake manifold gasket was not in bad shape, but a leak there might freak the pcm out. Mike has a spare gasket, I can probally grab it from him and you can come to my place to swap it out or even get a new gasket from mopar. When we put the car back togather, I didnt use any rtv on the VC, but I didnt use any on my car either any I never got any leaks. Let me know,


Well this is what that code is. It means your Map sensor and TPS sensor readings do not correlate with each other. Check your map sensor and tps sensor wiring. One of these 2 sensors may be going bad or the wiring is bad. Do you have a map clamp? A bad clamp will cause that code also, or at least it did on my friend hydrohoppers car. Also get that leaky injector fixed you don't want your car to burn to the ground do you?
"wesel is the one who help me fix the problem. so far after fixing my O-rings on my injectors and putting back on the red vacuum line. i have never had the problem yet. (knock on wood)"

"Hook the red line back up. Fixed my problem. I have the AGP UHP which doesn't have a spot for the redline. All you need to do is T into a boost sorce.

I T'd into the line I had running to my boost controller. Make sure the T is between the Turbo and the Boost Controller because you will have to turn up the Controller a little bit. I lost 2psi when I did the T."

"I noticed as I was removing the stock intake air box, the solenoid that connects to the red and white vac. lines was partially/not connected at the solenoid. I also removed the MAP sensor, and applied more oil to the o-ring. I remembered as I swapped the (Stage 2 to stock) 3bar MAP sensor to the stock one, I didn't apply any oil to the o-ring."

"change plugs"

Just stuff i found on the forums to try.
well, from the drive home from the meet, everything seems good... Changing the spark plugs appears to have fixed everything. My car even feels good at part boost now... and it NEVER felt good at part boost.

Ok.. Now don't screw with ANYTHING.. Don't change the song on the radio, don't move the seat or open the hood... :rofl:

Hope everthing stays good :thumbsup:
glad it worked out for you kevin!
thanks guys!

I'm going to test my intake mani gasket today, and maybe replace the old valve cover gasket... but yeah no more tinkering.
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