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When I was 21 or 22 I got arrested in Ontario, California during the first major coordinated bust in the area. They had put speedbumps in at the other "tracks" in the previous weeks and waited till we all went to the biggest, best and safest place left, the "dark track" if I remember right. It was a long, wide, newly paved road with no industrial built on it yet at the end of the airport runway. They came in from every direction with vans, cars and even a helicopter. They put us all on buses, towed everyone's car and processed us at a makeshift booking station in the old side of the airport.

Missed work the next day since I had to wait up till the Police station opened in the morning so I could pay for release papers and then walk to the lot were my car was kept. They messed up the front paint on my MR2 and must have let a dog go through the car, it was so filthy.

Best part was both my folks and work saw it on the news and my car made the front of the article with another guy getting the zip ties next to it. They warned us too but nobody took them seriously.

Yes, I still want to go back to California but no, I do not plan on street racing again. Having the opportunity here to visit Bitburg every month has helped me realize there are legal and far safer ways to embarrass the drivers of more expensive cars ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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