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Stupid question...

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This is probably a dumb question but I'm a paranoid delusional kid when it comes to my SRT... my buddy has a house on the corner and has this kind of raised sidewalk going all they around it. His house doubles as a nursery school so everybody uses it for parking and such... anyways, when I go over I always have to park on it and it leaves my car on sort of a 45* angle left to right. Does leaving my car in this slanted position damage any suspension component? How about the tires - the right side having to take a lot more load for a while? I have a stock suspension, by the way...

Thanks and sorry for being a retard.
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There will be no damage parking like that.

There is a greater potential for body damage by parking at a corner. I would be more concerned about that overall. And (God forbid) damage to some of the kids in the nursery--because of that corner. But one would have to see it to understand the circumstances there.
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