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Strut mounting bolt broken during bar install need help ASAP

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Okay so the damn tourque wrench didnt 'click' and then the front bolt on the passenger side that the strut tower bar goes over snapped in two. It must have been a weak bolt!

Now what do I do? Just take it to Midas and prepare to drain my bank account?

I dont see how to get at the bottom and work a new bolt in place?

Shit, such a simple thing and now this headache

Is the car even safe to drive?

Guru's please help quick the car is in my driveway and I don't know what to do about it.
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you broke a strut bolt putting a strut tower bar in
holy christ incredible hulk ive cranked them bolts down pretty hard numerous times and it didnt snap
is it just one that broke??? i wouldnt even worry about one unless the strut moves because of it otherwise just buy a new stock strut from the forsale section they are fairly cheap
It's not the parts thats the problem its the install, apparently god doesn't want me wrenching on cars.

I did a "search" (stupid google search for what it's worth) for this problem immediatley after it happened and found someone in the archives that did it, and apparently they were for some reason shooting for and almost reaching 45lb-ft when they snapped theirs. Mine was still cranking easy, i'm convinced it was a bad bolt.

There's no way I'm going to pull the strut myself, god knows what will happen to my car then. You are problably right I rocked the car pretty hard and didn't see movement, but shit I put the bar on for a reason, for long term structual integrity, and I'm the type of person who'll consider the car f-ed until a new bolt is in place just like it should be.
I think you have to replace the top hat of the strut. Could be wrong though...
Yeah I'm still reading through the archives. I guess I'll drop the car off at midas and tell them I need the top hat replaced. Pretty expensive bar installation for me, eh?

I'll never wreck this car...I'tll wind up in the junk heap because I tried to mod it too much. :flame:
yeah, you need to replace the top hat. the upper strut mount bolts are torqued to 300 in/lb.
Thanks guys I'll make the call tomorrow, whatever $ it is to have it replaced I'll just have to roll my eyes and pretend that I never had the $ in the first place. I've never had a job like that done how much do you think it'll run?
with install? Will I need the alignment redone?
the install should be about 130 because they do have to completely disassemble the strut and reinstall. the alignment would be about $70 on top of that. figure 200-250 when it's all said and done, unfortunately.
stowaway said:
yeah, you need to replace the top hat. the upper strut mount bolts are torqued to 300 in/lb.
roughly 25ft/lbs... if you don't know the calculations for torque or don't have a torque wrench that reads in in/lb.
Well then it's a bad bolt I had, becuase I'd estimate I was right at 25 when it happened, and it was the last turn I was giving it when it snapped. It was an old torque wrench and it was set to 19, I didnt realize how it was supposed to slip until after. I should have just not used it and used my own judgement.
The setup is called a strut mount, not sure what terminology dodge uses.

find your self a buddy to do it. They shoud charge like $75 tops to do that! Its the same work as installing a new shock. Changing all 4 shocks is like $250 or so labor, your only doing one.

LIke i said, find your self a buddy who can do it. HOpefuly your not a computer/ ps3/ IT tech etc cause those type of peeps usualy dont have mechanical skills and only have geek buddies. :)
i've snapped em before... you dont have to worry too much as it's a "load bearing zone"..

you do want to get it fixed though....
Too bad you weren't in Cali. I'd do it for $40.
Yeah well, it was a tad more than $250. Water under the bridge...I don't care what anyone said, these DC strut bars make a notable difference! I'm really enjoying the fact that the car no longer wanders or lacks path-accuracy in the corners. Now hopefully when I get around to the anti-roll bars the install will go easier.
Strut tower bars do stiffen, i recommend htem especialy if you have a large fmic and remove your crash bar. It will add the ridgedness back to yoru ride.
Shifter said:
Now hopefully when I get around to the anti-roll bars the install will go easier.
Umm, I doubt it. Its been my experience the Front sway bar bushing bolts tend to snap off, rather than loosen.
Good luck with that.
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