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stock gapping size on srt4

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on since i misplaced my manuel, i cec the gap size on the stock plugs and they were at 48, now iam going to upgrade to ngk and since i couldnt find thread on it i was wondering what will i get if i put them at 45, now when i cec them they were gapped at 40
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I wouldn't gap any higher than .040, and if you raise the boost, no more than .035
Its all in good fun :lol:

But on the spark plug note, I think when i was doing my 5th gear high boost runs and it would slow down and i'd get a big back fire, it could be the spark was getting blown out. Just food for thought no one came up with that theory before so I decided i'd say it.
regap your plugs guys to .040-.045
.40-.45 for stock? What would running like .35 for stock boost, but rasing the boost sometimes to like 16.5 PSI do? Will it hurt the performance at stock boost, but amplify at higher? I'm going to be bouncing around alot, soooooo.....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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