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After seeing an IM between this deuschebag and 2 other members i decided to talk to him myself. Now towards the end im a little unsure as to whether i have a point or not. But you be the judge...

Our convo:

MeinenBalls: hey what sup
STiRalley17: whos this

MeinenBalls: fellow SRT owner
STiRalley17: was up
MeinenBalls: not much i heard your pushing like 600 HP or something like that
STiRalley17: thats right
MeinenBalls: how mcuh torque are you putting donw
STiRalley17: about 450-475
MeinenBalls: y do you have less torque than HP/
STiRalley17: its not mcuh
STiRalley17: thats what i was wondering the other day
STiRalley17: i have to go get it tuned
MeinenBalls: what do you have done?
STiRalley17: nothing thats legal
MeinenBalls: what would that be?
STiRalley17: lets just kep it that way
STiRalley17: i like to keep my mouth shut
MeinenBalls: so you have 600 HP but you wont tell anyone what you have done?
STiRalley17: there are only 4 people who know wat i have and i am gonna let everone just keep wondering
MeinenBalls: so i guess you have upgraded axles and internals and everyting too
STiRalley17: yup
MeinenBalls: thats got to be pretty expensive
MeinenBalls: you got any pics or anyting
STiRalley17: honestly i only have one of it in a car show but i am going to update the pics b/c i dont have any with the mods yet
MeinenBalls: where are you from?
MeinenBalls: ???
STiRalley17: Montebello
MeinenBalls: where is hat
MeinenBalls: that
STiRalley17: Los Angeles
MeinenBalls: damn
MeinenBalls: have you run any track times yet
STiRalley17: nope
STiRalley17: i just had all the mods that i bought done about 3 weeks ago
STiRalley17: and i want to break them in befor i have time to go and have fun at the track
MeinenBalls: so no pics, no track times and you cant tell me what you did
STiRalley17: i am gettin pics probly this weekend b/c i am p;ickin up from the dadge dealer tomorrow
STiRalley17: my uncle is a manager there and he is doing my clutch right now thats why i think i dont have much torque cause it was stock clutch but now its stage 3 triple plate
MeinenBalls: why would you be able to put down the HP but not the torque if you had a bad clutch?
STiRalley17: nah
MeinenBalls: if your clutch was slipping you wouldnt be able to do anything
STiRalley17: torque is runned through the gears as to where the hp is just the power the engine is going to put out
STiRalley17: my clutch wasnt slippin it was just that all my power wasnt there b/c it was stock and now by upgrading it i should have alot of my power back
STiRalley17: but i g2g right now
MeinenBalls: dude the HP is going to get trasnfered from the engine to the clutch to the wheels
MeinenBalls: if your clutch was slipping, you wouldnt be doing anything
STiRalley17: so if ur on later then i'll hit u up
STiRalley17: i never said the clutch was slippin

STiRalley17: damn u dont know shit
MeinenBalls: dude
MeinenBalls: there is no way, if your on your stock clutch
MeinenBalls: you would transfer that much HP
MeinenBalls: but not that much torque
STiRalley17 signed off at 10:24:02 PM.

Hes saying his clutch is able to handle the HP to put down on the dyno, but not the torque??? Im just trying to figure out the logic in that. And for those of you who dont know this guy, he has the 600 HP 300 lb/ft of torque SRT with all Jap parts..

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I dunno about 600hp, but I have 39k and over 60 drag passes, and ive dyno'd multiple 4xxhp runs.
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