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I installed my stage 2. During the installation, I dropped one of the fuel injector retainer clips down into the radiator. I tried chopsticks, floss tied to a paper clip, and a fly swatter. The fly swatter was a real bad idea because now i looked down and see a small patch of my radiator fins are bent at an angle. Oh man i was about to have a fit (this happened last year during my supercharger install for my sc2...went through 2 new radiators)
so anyways, i finally smartened up and went to advance auto and bought a flexible rod with a magnet on the end. Got the piece out and finished the installation but now i have some bent radiator fins.

I followed up on it for a few days before this post. So far, no coolant leakage or high coolant temps (as i had experienced previously).

my question is, should i try to bend the fins back straight...or do you think i need a new radiator? or would i be fine leaving it alone?
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