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stage 2... and then?

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Just need some opinions on what I could add to my S2 (w/o) to get a lil more juice and still have the great driveability (used the ptp wga for a while, but put the reg s2 wga back on and lovin it). Budget is around $600.

Current power mods:
stage 2 w/o, mopar/borla, perrin intake, magnecors

Was thinking maybe the maxxfab 02 and dp (w/ cat) or splurge and get an E1. I tried searching and couldn't really find any info on how the E1 would do on a s2 stock vac setup w/ s2 wga. How much power do you guys think i'll get out of either one of those options?

Opinions please :hi:
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E1 are nice u can easily get that thing up to 300hp just need to up the boost a bit. i was thinkin about going witht the E1 but now im going s3 when i can.
E1 is a great mod for S2.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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