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Title says it all. Yes I do know about cars and turbos, and yes I searched, I have tried a number of set ups and am now running 16 psi but I'm not getting alot of drop off. My friend said the same thing as I had been thinking. "IS your car/ wga broken in a "good" way"? I was dumb when I first got the car and mbc and ran it at 18 and it would drop slowly and steadily but what is the difference between what my car is doing now and if I go with the agp or forge.
My mods are, in case your wondering, up pipe, blow off valve, airbox cut out with k/n and stage 1
I also remember some guy talking about tweaking the arm of the stock wga for some type of similar result, it had some weird name, but I can't remember what that was.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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