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St. Louis Mo Area HELP!

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Im hoping that someone can help me with my dilemma! Im on Business in St. Louis, Mo. (Fenton actually) working on the launch of the new DCX minivan. My clutch is toast and I took it to the nearest dealer Southtown Dodge and they said that they can not order a Mopar clutch since they are on back order, and I don't want a stock clutch as the first one only lasted 50K and I don't even drive it hard. What I am looking for is a reputable service shop near that will install an aftermarket clutch. I can buy it or they can, the price is not that big of an issue, durability and having it installed correctly is. Also, I know this is opening a can of worms, but what is a good aftermarket clutch for "possibly" stage 2 in the near future?

Thanks in advance!

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go to and talk to mopar211. he is one of the best srt4 mechanics around. now if he has any clutches in stock im not sure, but im sure he can find someone that could help.
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