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Getting the word out - Pittsburgh Chapter SDAC
Just because it isn't a "shelby" turbo dodge.. doesn't mean it isn't welcomed.

Here is the original link.

DC Turismo said:
hey all, i wanted to post this in the lounge because i already have a thread going in the SDAC to specifically speak about this topic, but i am posting this to get awareness up that i'm working on getting a pittsburgh chapter of SDAC formed... in order to do this, we need at least a dozen people to join up (which by early estimates wont seem to be a problem) and not only this, but these members would have to be loyal supporters - barry really doesn't want to start up another chapter if its just going to fall apart in a couple of years...

the reason i am trying to get this going is because rite now we are classified as buckeye chapter - their meetings and such take place in cleveland, which, from pitt. is roughly a 2 hr. drive lol.... i don't see many of us doing that, i figure pittsburgh is a decent centralized location for the western part of the state (because out east they got the delaware valley chapter, and perhaps one more i'm not sure)

so if anyone is interested from the area (sw pa, nw pa, central western pa) then check out the thread in the SDAC forum and post up your thoughts/comments on the matter

itd be great to get to know a lot of you local guys so any help is appreciated... thanks for your time! :thumb:

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When: October 29,2004
Where: Pittsburgh Raceway Park
Time: around 5:30pm

PRP is having a test n tune from 6pm to 10pm. They are also having some Halloween costume things and what not. We will probably be going somewhere afterwards to eat.

Early 80's to 2000's turbo dodges are welcome. We are trying to get a strong TD showing at PRP. Eastern Ohio, Western PA, heck if your willing to make the drive from wherever you might live, come on down.
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