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From now until the end of this month (April 30th, 2006) KPtechnologies will be offering Programmable Shift Lights for $69.99 shipped to anywhere in the continental USA. If you live outside of this area contact me for a shipping quote.

For more information on the shift light please go to:

The MSRP of the shift light is $79.99 plus $3.99 shipping so this is a savings of ~15%

To order, please PayPal $69.99 to
(Replace the _AT_ with @)

With your payment please include:

Your SRTForums User Name
The color you would like (red, blue, amber, white, or green)

We are no longer taking orders for flashing or non flashing LEDs, our new V2 shift light is programmable to flash or stay steady when you hit your shift point!
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