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2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8
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I have an 06 Magnum SRT8 that ran horribly after I gutted the catalytic converters. A also installed a 3' cat-back exhaust at the same time. My check engine light showed an error code for the O2 sensor. I had it professionally tuned the next day to override the gutted cats, replaced the 02 sensor, and spark plugs. I drove 45 mins to an hour and it ran fine, until I ran low on gas. I noticed a stuttering/sputtering/surging/misfiring or whatever similar term afterwards. I took it back to the tuner and he reprogrammed it just to run fine for the day. The sputter began again the next day.
I decided to change the plugs again (thinking I had bad plugs) and that didn't help. I finally took the car back to a professional (different one this time) and they had no clue what the issue was. Afterwards I took it back to my tuner and he tried a new tune with no success.

Based on the description, can anyone provide guidance on what the issue could be and steps to repair it? Below is a list of upgrades and maintenance:

180° TSTAT
3' MF Cat-back Exhaust
Gutted Catalytic Converters
Oil Catch Can

After the sputter:
BBK 85MM Throttle Body
BBK Long Tube
Headers (pending installation)
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