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Lately I've been working on an idea, and I need help filling in some details..

In addition to my '04 SRT, I have a '97 ACR coupe with a big turbo that runs 11s. I'm starting to question the long term durability of the 2.0 setup, and want to start building an SRT motor to swap in eventually.

I believe the stock crank trigger wheel lends itself to aftermarket EMS systems, so I will most certainly go that route and ditch the stock electronics and of course all of the emissions components, A/C, and P/S.

What I'd really like to know, is what the really high HP cars do for pistons, rods, and trans stuff. Does the PT automatic trans bolt up, and has anyone rebuilt one for drag duty? Will the DriveShaftShop make custom axles to make everything line up?

Starting with a clean slate and $10k, what would YOU do?
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