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it kinda came up on the list so i thought i'd tell the srtforums in case any of you dont frequent .org:::

i know there wont be like an official national time when all can order but any info posted to the list is appreciated

from .org:

As suggested by some other SRT fanatics a mailing list has been setup for up-to-the-second updates...or something

if someone wants to make this a sticky? whatever I don't care, just tryin to help

to subscribe to the list send an email to [email protected]
confirm your subscription by replying to the mail you get from the list

to post to the list send an email to [email protected]

each user subscribed to the list will get your exact email

be careful when replying to a message, you'll notice the mail appears to come from the user than sent it to the list. so if you want to reply to the list make sure you're sending it to [email protected]
the reason it does it this way is to reduce bouncing email, trust me, its better this way.

to unsubscribe send an email to [email protected]

subscribe-> send a blank email to [email protected]
post->send email to [email protected]
reply->send reply email to [email protected]
unsubscribe-> send blank email to [email protected]

any questions? [email protected]
questions about how to use the list?? visit (list software)
technical support? very little, if i have time i will try to help.


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