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SRT-4 pricing

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Did anyone notice the website lately? I'm pretty sure the SRT-4 was listed under "Cars" as $19,995. Now, if you click "Cars", its says: "Check dealer for pricing information", or something like that. I sure as hell hope the dealers are not going to see the demand for these vehicles, and mark them up thousands over sticker, as happened with the PT Cruiser when it first appeared. I even read on a PT Cruiser forum, that one dealer was trying to get $10K over sticker! I am really interested in one of these cars, I drive a '00 Neon, it's a great car, just needs some oomph. The SRT-4 looks like it has tons of that!
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I've been checking the Dodge website for about a month now and it's always said please see dealer for pricing information when you try to get a price on the SRT 4. Maybe its just me. If you contact a reputable dealer now, you can probably put down a deposit and get the final price in writing. That's what I did.

I've been looking at the SRT-4 for a couple of months now, and I'm sure
that when the SRT-4 was first listed on, it was $19,995. Now, I've just looked, and no where does it even mention that price, which leaves me to believe that we will be paying more than that, based on dealer greed?/demand...
The Dodge dealer where I bought my '00 Neon told me back in October, that they would be "under $20,000",when I called him, so maybe the price will be that, I'm just noting that it's weired how the $19,995 price just somehow disappeared off the Dodge website!
EJ, as long as I can remember checking the Dodge web site, it has been listed as "see dealer for pricing info, yada yada..." Maybe on the very first day the car was up there some long since departed DC web head made the goof of his whole career and put $19,995 up there and you just happened along at just the right moment when the stars all aligned "just so" in the northern sky... :lol:
Well, looking into these carefully, nothing looks good. Dealers have been lying about some "reservations" becasue there were none to be made until the guys from school came back. I cant even reserve one yet, becasue the dealer im talking to i, my dad bought all dodge from him, Caravan, Caravan. And he said, there are no order forms. So seems as if the dealers are playing the game, just waiting to see how many people are going to go CRAZY for this car, raise the price, then laugh in a pile of money. But i dont think dodge would allow it, becasue most smart buyers will turn around and say "F you!" becasue this car isnt a buy unles IT IS 20k. So i would guess the price stays.
This may be where EJ3 saw the price: go to the Dodge website, launch the SRT mini-site, and go to the "Performance Tuning" tab, you will still find the "under $20,000" mentioned. The price is also talked about in the transcript from the chat.
The price, "Less than 20k" is also mentioned in the TV ad.
at 19,999 the SRT-4 is by far the most bang for your buck.... I love it
Well it's all nice and well that the msrp on it should be $19,995 as I have seen listed in several places. But it isn't going to mean squat when the dealers jack up the price, as several of them I talked to said they were going to do...... I think we all are just going to have to wait and see what is going to happen when the cars finally come out, because I feel like many here, if the price is over 20k it's time to think about another car. :roll: (wrx).
i understand, if I cant get 1 at MARP, I will be waiting till the next yr to get 1... I will NOT pay EDP (extra dealer profit) on any car! Thy can take my check for $19,999 or they can kiss my ass! The dealer that charges you a extra $5k on a car “because, hay there are hard to get” will be the same dealer the very next yr when you go to trade it in “sorry man, These SRT-4’s are hard to sell, insurance on them is a killer, we can only give you $5000 UNDER book trade in for it…
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