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SRT-4 in distress needs major advice

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ok i came across a srt-4 and helped a buddy by taking it off his hands cause he couldnt pay for it anymore. its been a daily driver with 47,000k on it. its stock and just recently got an agp wastegate but i have the stock one too. when i get the money im gonna send it to APS Performance in chicago to be rebuilt but thats not for awhile. its only had oild changes on it and hasnt had any problems. it has a brand new clutch and transmission thanks to daimler chrysler lol. but it makes a few funny sounds and a belt sqeaks? what normal work needs to be done to this car? i figured at least spark plugs and wires , belts, hoses and clamps?!?! im open for any advice if you know what ur talking about lol.
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Well, to start, what exactly do you mean by 'a few funny sounds'?

If it's not a track car, and it's been treated well (not heavily street raced), the maintenance recommended in the owners manual is sufficient.
well by funny sounds im just talking about the sqeaking belt and a kinda shutter and little drop in rpms when i rev it just alittle but someone that saw it said its two of my spark plugs backing out, which i can see. so i was thinking plugs , wires , belts but not sure which ones , new hoses and clamps. and im not sure what else. it needs its tires rotated and balanced plus a front wheel alignment.the falken fk-452 are new with only 2-3K miles on them like the tranny and clutch.
oh and it was street raced here and there. not crazy abused but probably the same as any srt-4 owner lol but it was stock and daily driven.
Mine makes funny noises too *shurg*
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