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SRT-4 Hood Decal

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What do you guys think about putting one of the 11 X 3" decals right under the hood scoop?? Cause it's too big to put on the front spoiler
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I dislike stickers, except for small ones on the side bottom of the rear spoiler, or the bottom rear part of your back windows, tastefully. I think a big sticker on the hood is too ricer. It's like Altezza lights. I like them, but they're unnecessary, and too many shitty old civics have them. IMO, of course.
IMO i think it would look good...I think rice is when the whole car is covered in stickers and when they have stickers from K&N when they use Fram....I dont think 1 or 2 stickers would make the car look rice
Well one good thing about putting the decal there under the scoop is that it would cover up the key mark that I got last week :evil: :cry: , I'll put it on tomorrow and put a picture up to show you guys what it looks like :D
hey terminator, i read somewhere you knew who keyed your ride. did you get him?
For me as far as stickers go, less is more. If had to put some on an SRT-4 I think that would be a good place though.
well I knew it who it was...went to the campus police about it...I didn't have proof (although I know it was him from earlier events), and he denied it, but to make a long story short...if he says anything to me or anyone about me or my car he gets expelled from I think i'm pretty safe now :lol:

Anyway I put the decal on this morning after cleaning/washing my whole car (oh man does she look beautiful!!! :lol: ) But it looks a lot better than I thought it would!! Only problem's a little off center :oops: :roll: :wink: , but it's not that noticeable unless you stand there for a minute or two and look at it, post people will be seein the back of my car anyway :lol:
Pics!! where are the pics??
You can wash yoru car all you want, if its not black, its still ugly. :)
Easily confused... What sticker are we talking about?
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