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Spark Plugs

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I know this topic has been beaten to death but I searched and really couldn't find the answer I'm looking for. My mods are Stage 1, kinetic wga 17/14, 3" turbo back, 3" o2 housing. Which spark plugs should I run? I just ordered the ngk iriduims one heat range colder, will these work well with my mods?
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or 2315 wich is the iridium 6s a little more money that the 4306s
GLH said:
or 2315 wich is the iridium 6s a little more money that the 4306s
I ordered the 2315's but I'm just not sure I need to go 1 heat range colder. Will it hurt anything?
I ordered the stock heat range NGK Iridiums and they work awesome! If I had to do over again I woulda went with the 1 range colder though... Which is probably what I'll do next. By the way i set my gap to .045... mods below
So I installed my 2315's the other day gapped at .035 and the car runs great now. One thing I noticed is that the plugs that were in my car were the wrong ones. They were ngk LZTR4A-13 which is one heat range hotter than the stock plugs. They were installed by the dealer under waranty when my car was misfiring about a year and a half ago. Could the hotter plugs have caused any damage? I know hotter plugs can cause pre ignition but would this happen with only one heat range hotter. Should I persue this with the dealership at all?
I hated the iridiums! I found they made no difference in my car... perhaps worse! Coppers have been great in these cars and for the price you can change them every 5 or 10,000 which is really all you should have the iridiums in for as well. These cars EAT spark plugs!!! But if you have the money... have at 'er
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