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Some insight about being rearended???

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Yes you've read right. I was recently hit in the rearend by another car a few days ago while I was on vacation. The suck part is just that. The only thing I noticed wrong right after the accident was the rear bumper part was busted and scuffed and the tail pipe was bent a little. After looking closer at the car I noticed that on both sides of the rear corner panels have a bulge close to the bottom of the back glass. Instead of having the same margin crack on both sides of the trunk lid there is a bigger crack on the left side and a smaller crack on the right side. And underneath the car the rear part of the frame is bent downward and where the rear part of the bumper attaches to the part it's at least 3 inches away from where it suppose to go. Yeah I know they can pull some dents and stuff but I don't know how they can fix what looks like the rear side panels have moved outwards. I don't think they will total my car but I hate have something like this happen. Shows up on the cars history and just plain sucks. Anyone have the same thing happen and what did they do??? Thanks
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Anyone?? hmmm
try and post pics homie
I just got home. I will soon as I can!
they can fix it...who cares about carfax...dealerships dont run a carfax when you trade your car I wouldnt sweat, they can fix anything...and they are not going to total your car out for does totally suck and I am sorry for you...but at least you got rear ended so its gonna be the other Dude's insurance going up and his deductible being paid...take it by a shop and get a quote...
jeeptoplesstx said:
they can fix it...who cares about carfax...dealerships dont run a carfax when you trade your car I wouldnt sweat it.
Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that. I recently took my truck into a dealership to trade it in on the SRT, and theytried a$$ raping me on the offer. They showed me the carfax report, which by the way OVERestimates the damage. I proceeded to tell them that they were insane and left. I had 2 minor fender benders and one, the lesser of the two, showed up as major damage. I don't know how they determine their grades, but it was bull$hit.
as long as its fixed correctly, and the paint matches, it probalby won't be that big of a deal, if you do plan on selling it, just be upfront and honest, tell whomever is looking at buying it that it was in a small rearend accident, but everything has been repaired, and keep your reciepts. They can help you prove that you had it fixed at a reputable collision center.
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