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So when is someone going to..

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..chop up an SRT-4 and move the engine into the backseat for a ridiculous mid engine result? Think of the huge turbo you could fit in the trunk!! ;) I just can't imagine how ridiculous such a car would be.

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Man that would open a can of worm of problems. IC Piping, tranny configuration, shifter linkages, throttle linkages, clutch setup.... almost doesnt seem worth it.

I'd rather see the 2.4l make it into another car like a Fiero. With such a small light engine in one of those cars, should make it even meaner than the NSV8 and L67 powered Fieros.
Hey I think I have an extra couple hundred thousand dollars lying around maybe I should try it.....LOL
cough cough "Hemi Under Glass" cough cough

Been done in the old days they made a mid engine HEMI and another car with 2 hemi's and 4 wheel drive.
i was jus tthinking of building a "Buggy" and using the SRT motor in it!

could u imaging the speed... little 900lbs buggy with a 250hp motor!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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