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Slave cylinder and actuator install

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Pushrod behind clutch broke :stab: of course Westbury Jeep denied warranty over motormounts and a clutchmasters stage 3... nothing else. Any info on the install or what i'll need? how do i go about bleeding it?
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ok further info. its the master cylinder with the clutch fluid resevoir/line, hydraulic rod and yellow capped line mopar #5037340AA. Its that lovely metal rod you see when you adjust the clutch pedal :stab:

i hear ya, but is it just the plastic that broke where it connects to the pedal,cuz you can go to the junkyard for that, i had to take out the battery and tray when i did an srt motor to neon swap.
nope THE ROD not the plastic that connects to the rod. I managed to get far but was done in by that quick-connect piece of shit right before the tranny. what a piece of shit
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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