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side effects and over heating

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wife drove the car with the temp pinging at 260 deg. for 18 miles. What may be the side effects for this ungodly act. Engine seems fine.
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Well number one, our aluminum heads dont like over heatings. Causes the vales seats to drop out since aluminum expands at a faster rate than the hardened steel seats.

Second, you can warp the head, the head gaskets on these cars never blow. Its a MLS gasket. Instead the head warps. It will have all the same symptoms of a blown head gasket, just its not the gasket.

Your lucky she didnt lock the motor up, or warp the head. Hell, or even burn a valve.

Keep an eye on your temp gauge though. If you get nervous about it i can give you a few tests to run to check and make sure everything is good.

Btw, what the hell caused the motor to overheat anyways? Or do you know that yet?
sure go head and tell me what test i should run.

The rubber hose on the turbo coolant line ripped but the SST is still running strong.
anyway, go ahead and do the fan mod :thumbsup:
Rashad.. I had the same problem happen to me, i was still on the stocker at that point. My intake caused the hole to form b/c it was rubbing

I went to napa and got some clamps and new hose, problem solved.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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