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Should I buy a SRT-4???

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Hey guys this car looks and performs incredibly for the price tag. I was thinking on getting a 1G DSM AWD but they are heavy and usually high matinence. So I was thinking of either the new 2004 WRX Sti(gotta love 300hp/300tor and awd) But with a few mods can you make these kill V-8s? Also what mods would you need to run a street legal low 13 SRT-4? Thanks alot guys...looks like the SRT-4 is a pretty awesome car. Is insurance high for them???
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Test drive the SRT-4 and see. Owners and mag reviewers are very possitive about the SRT-4.

STi would be a sweet ride.

my insurance is $980 for a year, full coverage.
i would say go with the srt. you can't get anything like it for the price first off and the car is the bomb lol i beat dsm gst stock so u can see this car is pretty swift. my insurance is really low! but i guess it depends on your agent. in my opinon get the neon :!: :twisted:
First it sounds like you really likie the go get!

Seccond 1g dsms (awd) are not as heavy as you would think, the 1gs are the lightest, with the AWD weighing a little less than an srt.

Third and last, you can easily make the SRT or STI kill domestic V8s (the STi probably will stock). BUt they both should be relatively easy to make fast. Its a question of wether you want the AWD, 6 spd, DCCD and rally heritage, or wether you just want to go fast :) I say SRT4, save the extra 15K you would spend getting an STi and spend it on your will beat most everything :twisted:
I love you guys

There is no greater feeling then when people are nice and informative. Thanks a lot guys for your input. Still gonna wait out to see what to buy. But you guys put some things into perspective. Did you hear Chevy is coming out with a SRT clone using the Caviler platform? It looks nice too.(not SRT nice though) So many choices, so little time...actually plenty of time. Check out the new Cavi here----->[email protected][email protected]$Cavalier%202.2%20Turbo%20Conceptg.html Wierd they use the 2.2L, GM has a 2.4L twin cam laying round ( :D Alero :D ) They should use that to be competitive with SRT's 2.4L. Anyways talk to you guys later.
Older Cavi Concept

This gives more specs just in case but it's pretty much the same car. Might give the SRT-4 some competition. Check out those slotted rotors and 19" rims.[email protected][email protected]$Cavalier%20220%20Turbo%20Conceptg.html
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