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shoud i get the APEX s-afc?

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should i get this my mods are s1,wga,intake,msd wires,coil pack, motor mounts, i dont know if im gunna order it but i mean i think it would be a nice mod to have cuz it can fine tune my vehicle but is it worth buying or no??
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r u goin to buy a turbo kit later in the future...if so and u go agp u will need it for larger injectors...if u go psi-fi u dont need it
so it would be usless if i get this if i dont get a bigger turbo? how bout greddy emange that exhaust sells
the afc controlls larger injectors...bigger turbo = bigger injectors...i think the emange from exhaust depot is the better choice for ur set up :thumbsup: i think either or will work fine
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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