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S3R road trip Va beach to Cali

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Im working on Amber being the worlds most traveled SRT-4, or at least most traveled S3R. Left Va beach and took I-64 to St Louis, Where I took I-44 to Springfield Mo. passing thru West Va, Kentucky, Indianna, and Illinois. There I got married:stab: and started off on the honeymoon. Went on I-40 thru Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. Then turned south at Flagstaff Arizona. Hopped on the 80 and took it to Cali. Went to San Diego, LA (Hollywood Blvd) and saw all the hookers. Then up to San Fran and across the Golden Gate. We went up to see the redwoods, and then headed south on the Pacific Hwy. Then back down to the 40 (I think) and headed to Va. Why the most traveled SRT-4? Shes also been up to Wisconsin, thru Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Oh also were going to England, and while im there for 3 years shes touring Europe baby!
BTW, 91 octane gas sucks!!!!!!! Especially at 8000 ft and 110 degree sun.
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Why for three years? In the military? That sounds like an awesome trip, did you document it or take any pictures to post up?
Yeah, Im in the Navy pulling submarine duty. I have 9 days left and then its leave, leave, and some more leave. After that im taking more leave:clap: The boat can sit on it and twitch! Ill be moving to Northwood which is about 1/2 hour north of London. Ill be doing shoreside Atlantic Nato submarine communications while Im there. Cake duty.
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