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RUMORS......Neon's little brother is coming

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Dodge planning four-door entry-level car positioned below Neon

By DIANA T. KURYLKO | Automotive News

Dodge is getting a four-door entry-level car positioned below the Neon in 2005, dealers were told at their NADA make meeting.

But there were no details, said Jim Arrigo, dealer council chairman.

"We were told it is in the concept stage and that there is nothing in stone," said Arrigo, explaining dealers have been shown much of what's coming through 2004.
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Let's see, which Korean brand does Mitsu have a huge interest in, if not own outright? I can't bring it to mind. What I would do is check that, and see what that maker is selling in the home market. I'm thinking something similar to GMs Toyota/Suzuki connection. Ala Geo Metro, Chevy Metro. Not that there's anything wrong with that :)

its called Proton
So let's see,

Intrepid = adjective

Stratus = cloud

Neon = gas

Proton = atomic particle

Glad to see DCX isn't pinned down, although lightness does predominate :)
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*just announced* it will be named the dodge helium.
i say it will be a Mitsubishi derived car with a 1.6L SOHC (hey Mini Cooper whats that i hear you are sharing your Neon derived motor with a cheap american car?). I make this call because it has been made public that BMW is seeking a new source for the Mini's motors. In essence here is DCX with an engine plant in Brasil churning out 1.6L mills but not many neons see this motor so if Mini (the only other car that is equipped with this motor) pulls out....where does that leave DCX? think about on the good things the neon has to offer, provide a lightweight car and a punchy/zippy 1.6L SOHC mill and voila! presto! born is the grandson of the Omni (Neon is the son :wink: ) lets see a name...what crazy name?....i call another 4 letter name but this time it might have a lil more punch
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Dodge is getting a four-door entry-level car positioned below the Neon in 2005...

did anyone catch this
so whats the big deal?
Yea, I'm not understanding where you're coming from. :?: :?: :?:
umm DCX hinted the Neon was doomed come 2004 :roll: think about that sentence
the neon name will be gone (see my rename the neon thread) and will be replaced by a lancer chassied car.
Lifeisdeath is very happy about this! "Down with the Neon!"

lol j/p As long as the car doesn't look very similar to the Mitsubishi version, I'll be alright with it.

Think this car might be some sort effort to offer an enviromentally route? Or is the new trend very small cars? :shock:
I don’t like the Lancer style at all… :? but wait I have an SRT-4 now I don’t have to worry about a new car for quite some time. ( I hope) :D

The word 'NEON' will be change (if you are interested-check out what they are called in Canada). The sub-compact not compact (Neon), will be equipped with a 1.3ltr. It was shown at the Detroit Auto Show by Mitsu.

Since Mitsu will build all cars from sub-c to mid, Dodge will be the truck/suv, performance oriented, Chrysler upper class realm, MB the luxury market, and Maybeck (spelling?), ultr luxury realm.

However, since there is an investment in the Korean Auto Manufacture, I really don't know where they will fit in.
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