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Ride Quality

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Hey guys, I am looking to improve the ride quality of my daily driver. Currently i am set up with stock struts and hotchiks springs. I was wondering if i should just go the coilover route or just get some better springs/struts.

Any input will be great!

Thanks guys!
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what don't you like about the ride? stiff on bumps? coilovers will ride more firm, but usually in a controlled manner. Going with tokico illumina struts on setting 1 will produce the smoothest ride, as well as switching out to mopar springs.
Its very stiff on bumps and i get the "clunk" sound. It ujsed to be only in the rear right, now its comming from all four!

I'm thinking about just getting the BC coilovers because they are so adjustable and i hear great things about them.
I have Tein SS they clunk when my ride height is high. They're not bad on bumps but bouncy as hell.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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