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Rev issue.

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Hello everyone. I’m running into a seemingly never ending issue on my neon srt4. I’m trying to tune the vehicle and it’s been a wiring nightmare. I have a brand new kinnettic v2 harness in the car. While im driving and or revving the car, it tops out at 3k rpm then just leans out and sounds like 2 step. Timing is perfect top dead center. I replaced the o2 sensor, when I did the harness, tps sensor, and the cam sensor/ magnet. All mopar oem. I do however get a p1105 code for barometric pressure. Upon seeing this code I came to discover the previous owner had cut the tip sensor solenoid wire that runs into the factory harness to “tuck” the engine bay nicer. Could this be my problem why I can’t rev past 3k? Thank you everyone