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return line

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I have a quick question is it possible to use the ptp 80psi fpr instead of an aeromotive fpr and just run a line off the fuel rail back to the tank like a return line. Would this work the same way or no?
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not quite. you wouldn't have any fuel pressure. it has to stop somewhere in order to get pressure and if it's just cycling through it's not building any pressure. BTW, if you go PTP mod, be prepared for some funky ass idling problems and replacing your fuel pump sooner than you wanted to. Stock pumps really don't like 80psi through them all the time
u would fill the stock fpr and use the aeromotive regulator check realtune performance vendor section for a full detailed return line install write-up with pics thats what i used to understand and install my return line system
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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