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replacing the 6 disc changer and head unit

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I have the kicker system in my car with the changer. After looking through a Crutchfield catalog, it seems Alpine and Kenwood have great head units with IPod and bluetooth as well as satelite radio options. If I keep the stock head unit, I can plug in one of those things but will lose the Im thinking its better to just replace the head unit all together.

Where is the changer for the stock head unit actually located and is there a way to take the changer out since I wont be using it with the new head unit?

Would it be difficult to plug the new head unit in so that the speakers and sub in the trunk still works? Seems like a waste to get rid of that sub unless someone has a better idea that would give me more room in the trunk and is the same weight or lighter then the stock sub setup. Opinions please:thumbsup:

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dude the changer for the kicker system is right below the radio

have you never used the changer??? its kinda hard to miss
and if you replace the radio your sub will still play like normal itll actually sound alot better than on the stock deck

as far as a radio i say alpine all the way they give you much better sound than any of the other and if you get a higher end one the tuning abilities are awesome
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