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rebates on srt4

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IS the SRT4 under the friends and family thing with DC?? My uncle works for DC and can get me a voucher for like some percentage off the price of a new car and i was wondering if it applied to the SRT4. Thanks for any and all info...
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depends on the dealer
What he means is, No. The SRT doesn't quailfy for any rebates, Employee discount, F&F, or otherwise. However, some dealers didn't pay attention, and will sell you the car with a rebate. Talk to your dealer, if he says he'll take a rebate, snag the car.
wouldn't hurt trying a lot of dealers are not very bright when it comes to cars.
Doh! Just tryin to save a

Most of these dealers piss me off because they say stupid shit and make themselves look like aholes. something like if i was looking at a new srt4 the salesperson would say "oh yeah this car has a turbo v6 in it to give it lots or power" my response would be....."why do they call it an srt "4" then you moron"

lmao...sorry anyways...i guess ill try with the dealers. Thanks.
Well i talked to some guy who said his dealership had some from board...And i called down there today and they are offering the F&F discount.....So that pretty much pays for the airfare and gas and stuff for the whole trip!!!!!! :D :D :D So i will be getting the SRT-4 for 1500 under sticker so na na na boo boo
NO WAY :shock:

Fill me in. What the hell is the F&F discount?
Now dude you cant just go and say that and then dont hook a brother up with the contact info :p

I wanna know! LOL
F&F= Friends and Family discount. I think thats how I'am gonna get mine cause we have a friend of family that works for chrysler and is gonna hook me up.
re: rebates

The dealer i first went to said they wouldnt honor any rebates for Neons cuz technically "this is NOT a neon!" they were very addament (sp?) about that-
pretty funny, though, considering my financial paperwork from the dealer and my insurance company both call it a neon srt-4, even tho its not a neon on the sticker!
and as far as emplyee discounts- they wouldnt even come down below $2,300 over msrp & my brother works there! (roseville, ca. dodge dealer)

that's why i went elsewhere & paid msrp- & i havent lookd back since (except in my rear view mirror to see who i just smoked)

can we please end this thread?? I mean there is no way the peeps @ DCX will discount, certainly NOT the first year they were made!! I am sure that a rebate would help them sell more but please Mr moderator if you are listening CUt this thread to pieces its a complete waste of time
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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