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If anyone has any pictures of the Razor, I'd love to add them to the main page... Post some links/images, and I'll put them up.

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I sent them an e-mail and they said that there not comming out with the Razor, Because they don't think theres a market for a stripped down drivers car, I say take a look at england, those guys know how its done, SO heres the plan, I need all of you to send an e-mail to them aswell, if we show them that we want it, they will make it, its a buisness, its supply and demand (the sqeeky wheel gets the grease) PLEASE go to

at the top click "contact Us"

then on the next page click "I would like NEW VEHICLE information"

then u just sendem a message

We need this car, there is just no 2 ways about it, It has to be build, they let us down by not building the pronto spyder (a beautiful midengine car) and they got away with it, this time has to be different, take 2mins out of you day to send them an e-mail, if we flood them with enouph e-mails word will get to the bigwigs, so please, tell everyone, spred the word, we need a RWD light weight sports car, read up on it and you will understand why...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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