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rage tec clutch pivot arm bushing anyone?

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I have it, it rocks! Really helps adjust the clutch pedal.
I think Im gonna try one soon

madwax said:
I have it, it rocks! Really helps adjust the clutch pedal.
do you have a pic of it installed?
No pictures because the way it is up under the dash behind the clutch pedal, but the install takes all of 10 minutes to do, only takes that long because you are laying on the floor looking/reaching up under your dash for the clutch rod. Well worth it though, also makes the pedal feel less sloppy, stocker the pedal seems squishy cause of the cheap plastic/rubber, Rage uses a hard plastic bushing and billet!:thumbsup:
ive got one, got sick of breaking the plastic clips. install was pretty easy
ok i am interested. just wondering what are the pros of having this product. other then breaking plastic clips and adjusting clutch pedal.
Spread the word. We will need to put in another production order. See or ask in the Rage-tek section for more info. Let us know!!!!
GdnSrt4Stg3 said:
I have used one for a few thousand miles now and it works great.I was breaking the cheapass pot metal pushrod arm on the cylinder 2 times before I bought it.Goddamn FX700 clutch is a hard bitch to push.Worth every penny.
so this helps with engagement on aftermarket clutchs???
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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