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question regarding upgrade

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I'll be honest, I'm fairly in ignorance as far as turbos go. I've had 3 cars, none of which were turbocharged before the srt-4. I have a few questions that you guys can more than definately answer. First. I am interested in getting the Mopar stage 2 turbo kit with toys as it is primarily bolt on, doesn't look all that confusing to assemble and idk it just seems like a good way to go. My first question is do I need to buy the stage 1 kit before buying the stage 2? My second question is, do I need to do any other engine work before putting the stage 2 on? and my 3rd question is, what other upgrades would you guys recommend to achieve a higher performance with my srt, without having to do major tuning or things of that nature? Thank you for your time, Josh
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you Don't need stage 1 If your getting stage 2
You dont need to upgrade anything engine wise beside what is given to you with the stage 2. It is designed to be all you need no tuning neccesary.
and as far as mods to help your stage 2 or get more performance out of your car. Motor mounts, Intake, exhaust, the stock fmic should be sufficient for stage 2 but its a nice visual upgrade. couldn't hurt. you just want to let your turbo breathe more so open up the intake and get those crappy s bends out of the exhaust and thatll help a lot. Im not sure if stage 2 comes with a boost controller but my buddy is runnign stage 2 at 21lbs... i told him that was too high I think 17 is optimal for stage 2 but im not posative so you might want to look into that.
No need for stg1 if yu are going with stg2 as you would be removing the stg1 to install the stg2.
The stg2 kit runs extremely rich so you are able to up the boost but I would stay in the 17psi max 18psi region but if you are going to play with boost...don't touch anything untill you have a wideband installed!!
what intake would you suggest. a friend of mine told me to go with the mopar but other opinions are welcome
also what exaust would u recommend, as I am probably going to get the intake/exaust before the turbo
wideband,mopar intake,MPX 02 back exhaust,ptp or apg wga
lifesagamble420 said:
also what exaust would u recommend, as I am probably going to get the intake/exaust before the turbo
just so you know, the stage 2 upgrade utilizes the stock turbo. the kit does not come with an upgraded turbo. it basically just maxes out the stock turbo and makes it hassle free because there is no tuning involved. if you are just planning to keep the stock turbo and be happy with those power levels then the stage 2 is great, but if you're going to want more power, i would not recommend buying the kit.
yeah i understand that... im looking for the most speed with the most fuel efficiency pretty much as I am having enough trouble just paying for the car/keeping gas in it lol
as for me, i like the mopar cai...for the exhaust, dp o2, etc,.maxxfab
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